Why SOECs are ImportantSOEC

Solid Oxide Electrolyser cells offer the potential to generate green hydrogen and green syngas cost efficiently. Green hydrogen production is of critical importance moving forward as:

  1. It is a zero-emission energy source when run through a SOFC
  2. Governments around the world are stepping up their efforts both to phase out Internal Combustion Engines in vehicles and reduce their future reliance on traditional fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources.

Hydrogen is additionally unique in the sense that it is easy to store/transport. As such increased focus is now being placed on the potential role that SOECs can play in meeting the world’s future global energy needs.

Indeed, a PwC Strategy & Report (2020) estimates that global demand for “green hydrogen,” produced with minimal carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, could reach about 530 million tons (Mt) by 2050, displacing roughly 10.4 billion barrels of oil equivalent (around 37 percent of pre-pandemic global oil production). They estimate that the green hydrogen export market could be worth US$300 billion yearly by 2050, creating 400,000 jobs globally in renewable energy and hydrogen production.

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