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Walter Doyle
Co-Founder & Director

Walter Doyle has a lifetime of experience in a range of businesses, including multiple start up and technology enterprises globally. He has participated in partnerships in development of technology for the sequestration of carbon using compressed air energy storage in geological traps from past mine sites.

Walter Doyle has worked closely with leading power organizations in the U.S. to help deliver sustainable solutions to improve the environment and is a specialist in public equity markets worldwide.
Stephen White

Stephen White is an investment banker specialising in start-up and growth phase enterprise. Over the last 30 years, he has been involved in a diverse cross section of industries, including energy projects, finance, investment banking, environmental technologies and is a specialist in renewable energy and energy storage.

He has brought globally competitive technologies from concept to patent to market. He has over 17 years experience in mergers and acquisitions in major public equity markets worldwide.
Dr. Sean Wright
Principal Engineer

Dr. Sean Wright specializes in Thermodynamics and System Optimization. Member, Board of Editors, International Journal of Thermodynamics, Associate Professor (“Tenured”), U of Colorado. Until recently,

Sean was Senior Project Manager at EPRI Palo Alto, CA, where he was Lead for Bulk Energy Storage, Renewable Integration and Generation.

He was responsible for New Technology Evaluation, System Optimization, Design Development and Technical Demonstrations (Lab to full scale).
Chris Bradley
Chief Investment Officer

Chris Bradley is a qualified Solicitor and Barrister with 30yrs experience in International Investment Banking.

During his career he rose to dept head level of Trading Credit Risk and Later Structured Debt Product Groups.

He headed the UBS Warburg London Structured Trading and Sales Credit Group and was Director of the Asset Backed Credit Product Group. While at UBS London and later at Standard Bank London and Asia, he structured and originated resource backed products in most continents of the World.

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