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Walter Doyle
Co-Founder & Director

Walter Doyle has a lifetime of experience in a range of businesses, including multiple start up and technology enterprises globally. He has participated in partnerships in development of technology for the sequestration of carbon using compressed air energy storage in geological traps from past mine sites.

Walter Doyle has worked closely with leading power organizations in the U.S. to help deliver sustainable solutions to improve the environment and is a specialist in public equity markets worldwide.
Dr Maciek Kubicki
Chief Scientist

Maciek holds 1st Class Honours B.Eng and is a Doctor of Philosophy in Mech Eng. He was Senior Mech Eng at Ceramic Fuel Cells in the key years between 2008-2012. Development and implementation of a materials testing laboratory to establish specialised material properties and to establish life cycle validation.

He was instrumental in providing technical solutions implemented to solve product integrity, performance and manufacturing Issues in the SOFC.
Dr Sathia Aruliah
Senior Ceramicist

Sathia was the Senior Ceramicist at Ceramic Fuel Cells from 1996 – 2015 and developed the present SOFC fuel cell to produce the highest power density and lowest degradation.

He also developed the anode supported fuel cell from inception –from solvent base to water base products and developed failure testing method for production, as well as the cathode and anode current collectors by printing and tape casting and spray coating.

Sathia also developed the high-volume manufacture of the anode and electrolyte supported fuel cell powder processing and is a specialist in the optimisation of glass seals.
Dr Raj Ratnaraj
Principal Engineer & Lab Manager

Whilst at Ceramic Fuel Cells 1997-2015 Raj rose from Senior Materials Engineer to Team Leader and then to Principal Engineer. He streamlined the project management and procurement approach to implement projects of the organization which in return improved the productivity of organization.

He designed, developed and tested fuel cells, stacks and BoP components successfully resulting in a commercially viable – Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd’s first ever successful product “Blue Gen”.
Lars Christiansen
Senior Scientist – Seals

Senior scientist at Ceramic Fuel Cells. Formulated and evaluated new glass formulations for use as fuel cell seals.
Prof John Zhu
Senior Advisor

Chem Eng – John Zhu’s research interests and expertise exist in advanced catalysis, gas adsorption and separation, direct carbon fuel cells and solid oxide fuel cells with strong application focus on clean energy and environment. His current projects include research into scale up of direct carbon fuel cells and next generation solid oxide fuel cells. Pr. Zhu’s group is equipped with state of art facilities for fuel cell research.

The SOFC development strongly aligns with the existing UQ research strength of Materials and Nanotechnology: Materials and Product design.
Prof Nigel Brandon

Nigel Brandon’s research is focused on electrochemical devices for low carbon energy applications, with a particular focus on fuel cells, electrolysers, and batteries.

He is Director of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cells SUPERGEN Hub (, and Chair of Imperials Sustainable Gas Institute (

He is a founder of Ceres Power (, an AIM listed fuel cell company spun out from Imperial College in 2000, a founder and Director of RFC Power (, a flow battery company spun out from Imperial College in 2018, and a Partner in Galvanic Energy, which offers specialist Consultancy services in the electrochemical technology space (
Stephen White
Senior Advisor

Stephen White is an investment banker specialising in start-up and growth phase enterprise. Over the last 30 years, he has been involved in a diverse cross section of industries, including energy projects, finance, investment banking, environmental technologies and is a specialist in renewable energy and energy storage.

He has brought globally competitive technologies from concept to patent to market. He has over 17 years experience in mergers and acquisitions in major public equity markets worldwide.
Dr. Sean Wright

Dr. Sean Wright specializes in Thermodynamics and System Optimization. Member, Board of Editors, International Journal of Thermodynamics, Associate Professor (“Tenured”), U of Colorado. Until recently,

Sean was Senior Project Manager at EPRI Palo Alto, CA, where he was Lead for Bulk Energy Storage, Renewable Integration and Generation.

He was responsible for New Technology Evaluation, System Optimization, Design Development and Technical Demonstrations (Lab to full scale).