The Direct Energy SOFC uses electrochemical conversion to produce electricity directly from oxidizing a fuel. Our process is characterized by the quality of the electrolyte material, durability of the seal and superior fuel distribution.

Advantages of our fuel cell include:

High combined heat and power efficiency as tested in our 35 layered stack generating 500 watts
Long-term stability
Fuel flexibility - can run on fuels such as natural gas, biogas, and coal gas as well as hydrogen
Zero or low emissions dependent on the fuel source, and
Relatively low cost

Commercial Pilot Plant Stack & Balance of Plant Stand Alone Power Gen System


Over a Decade of Development & TestingSOFC

Our SOFC Expertise Covers:
Thermal expansion – ie. how best to manage the relative movement between the stack materials (ceramic & steel)
Development of a best-in-class glass sealant coupled with innovative seal design to minimise stress and enhance the fuel cell’s lifetime
Optimum Manufacturing Tolerances of Performance to Durability to Cost Balances
Design of a single balance of plant (BOP) casing to contain the “hot” stack
Coatings to overcome degradation and evaporation of chromium, sulphur & other potentially harmful gases
Incorporation of mass produced components to ensure future proofing and affordability combined with inhouse bespoke design and 3D laser printing of sensitive components to deliver customization