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Direct Energy holds key technology in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Clean Power Generation + Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells for the production of Green Hydrogen.


At the heart of our power generation and green hydrogen production technology is our Solid Oxide Cell - HotBox - a next generation solid oxide cell (“SOC”).

02Distributed Energy Generation

Developed by a market leading team, our Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (“SOFC”) has been designed to allow Commerce & Industry to become its own low to zero emission energy generator dependent on the fuel source.

03Green Hydrogen Production

Our unique Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell (“SOEC”) offers Utilities and Commerce & Industry the possibility of making affordable green hydrogen production – and potentially green syngas - an affordable reality anywhere, anytime.

04Market Applications

Onsite clean power generation and green hydrogen production for Utilities and Commerce & Industry. Carbon dioxide recycling. Syngas generation.
The Next Generation Solid Oxide Cell

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Home of HotBox™Oxide Cell

At the heart of our technology is our HotBox solid oxide cell (“SOC”). HotBox builds on more than ten years of funded R&D at University of Queensland, combined with a highly experienced team of industrial engineers, and world renowned specialists in SOC design and manufacture.

Green Hydrogen Production

Our unique design can potentially make the production of affordable green hydrogen a commercially affordable reality.

Distributed Energy Generation

Our transportable SOFC uses electrochemical conversion to produce low to zero emission electricity directly from oxidizing a fuel. This technology allows Commerce & Industry to become its own generator of low to zero emission electricity from natural gas, syngas or green hydrogen.
"Cornerstone to the Future of Distributed Energy Generation and Green Hydrogen"

The Future is HydrogenPowering Zero EmissionHydrogen

Green hydrogen production is of critical importance globally as it is a zero-emission energy source when run through a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell.

As governments around the world step up their efforts both to phase out Internal Combustion Engines in vehicles and reduce their future reliance on traditional fossil fuel and nuclear energy, our HotBox technology provides a single solution for both green hydrogen production and zero emission power generation.

Direct Energy Pty Ltd"Making Tomorrow’s Clean Energy World Happen Today"

Expected 2050 global green hydrogen production*

* Source: PwC Strategy & Report (2020)

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